Check-In: 3:00 PM (Special accommodations require prior approval of management.)

Check-Out time: 1:00 PM (Special accommodations require prior approval of management.)


All keys should be returned to the front desk at check-Out.

Safety Rules

Safety is the highest priority. All individuals and groups spending a day or an overnight retreat at St. Stephen Coptic Orthodox Church & Retreat Center are responsible for their own insurance. By signing the reservation contract, retreatants waive all rights of action against St. Stephen Coptic Orthodox Church & Retreat Center. A certificate of insurance is required to be presented to the retreat center at the time of arrival to the premises.

Smoking, Drugs, & Alcohol

St. Stephen Coptic Orthodox Church & Retreat Center is a smoke-free, drug-free, and alcohol-free facility. Use of cigarettes, drugs, or alcohol is strictly forbidden.


Guests are responsible for leaving the Retreat Center in excellent condition. Please help keep the grounds clean and beautiful by not littering.


Guests are responsible for any damages that may occur in the room and any missing furnishings. All rooms are non-smoking. All incidentals charged to the room must be reconciled during check-out.


All rooms have wireless Internet that can be purchased online at a minimal fee.


All rooms are equipped with televisions sets with only 4 Christian channels:

2 Arabic Channels

1 English Channel

1 Children’s Channel


Discretion is strongly advised in order to maintain the peace and serenity of the facility for all guests. (No loud music or inappropriate lyrics are permitted. Management reserves the right to disallow music selection).


Pets are not allowed on the premises.

Fitness Center

1- Individuals utilizing any exercise equipment do so at their own risk.

2- Individuals should not undertake exercise routine unless physically qualified and have a physician’s approval to do so.

3- For safety precautions, exercise equipment should not be used by:

    a. Children under the age of 13;

    b. Individuals with heart problems or other significant health issues.

4- Shoes and appropriate exercise attire are required.

5- Wipe off any excess sweat from equipment prior to leaving.

6- Always practice safety and courtesy to others.

7- Report any unsafe conditions to management.

8- Should you need any assistance, please contact the front desk.


St. Stephen Coptic Orthodox Church & Retreat Center is a Christian facility. Christian behavior is expected from each guest. Inappropriate language and gestures are unacceptable.

Divine Liturgy

All non-Orthodox visitors are welcome to attend the services, but must abide by the rules of the Coptic Orthodox Church: 

1- Men stand on the left side of the church and women on the right side.

2- Women are required to cover their heads with a veil during the service.

3- All cell phones and/or pagers must be turned off.

4- Only Oriental Orthodox Christians, who are in full communion with the Coptic Orthodox Church, are allowed to partake of Holy Communion.

5- Married couples partaking of Holy Communion must be married in the Coptic Orthodox Church.


All Christian groups are welcome to reserve rooms and meeting space at St. Stephen Coptic Orthodox Church & Retreat Center. Reservation contracts must be made with the retreat center in advance.


All groups must have a minimum of two adult chaperones or stewards. One must be the group coordinator who communicates with the retreat center for the registration process and guidelines. Chaperones are expected to maintain discipline of their group to ensure a safe retreat experience for everyone using the facility.

Orientation Session

Before arrival date, kindly schedule a 30-minute orientation session to be conducted by the retreat center for all retreatants prior to their stay.

Retreat Termination and Incurred Fines

Damages, defacing, or removal of any Retreat Center property

Failure to comply with the rules and guidelines of the Retreat Center

Disturbance to others and/or presence in unoccupied buildings

Cigarettes, drugs, or alcohol found on the property